How to get started with Computer Science(CS)?

Friends Welcome to my blog and in this short blog I am gonna introduce you some basic skills one should have in order to get started with CS

  1. One should have the will to learn
  2. Rapid searching skills in Google
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Learn basic syntax of any language
  5. Know how to install an Operating Systemwp1

So these skills are enough for an individual to get started in Cs.

  • If you are good in these skills then  you can  jump to Division-1 and if you think you aren’t good in these then go with Division 0

Division 0

  • Don’t get scared if you don’t know even how to switch on a computer.
  • First thing you should do is to be mentally able to perceive what you are going to learn
  • Rapid Googling :-

While searching for information about a specific topic it is always advisable to search by the key elements and technical tags .For eg:- searching for a dog of a particular breed so you need to mention it’s breed too.

  • Problem-solving skills:-

To get started with improving your problem solving skills  it’s better to have a look over mathematical knowledge  by this what I mean is basics of mathematics.Go to youtube and search for Operating system installation videos and find the one which has good reviews and views and go through it  and don’t forget to apply it.There after go for a programming language and learn it see the crucial part of learning a programming language will be learning it’s syntax even you are good in logic . There after go for HackerRank  and go through 5-10 easy problems after completing them go for medium then go for CodeChef and solve 5-10 the problem’s in it there after go through Division 1

Division 1

  • Go to Edx and search for Cs50 course and complete the course as soon as possible may be it will take months to complete.
  • There are many streams in Computer Science look for what you are interested and get started with it and sky is the limit for you in any stream you select .
  • There are many articles and blogs to go through and
  • The final most thing is Google is the  programmers best friend
"Always don't look for  an opportunity take it"

What makes me feel proud about India

In this post, I can say that one should definitely come to India and one should have a look over it’s cultural and traditional heritage.

In this blog, I am going to explain you the pride of India in various aspects.

Meaning of Life:-

Many people on this planet have lived and passed away without knowing the real reason behind their birth and I think that they can probably find the answer from the famous book Bhagavatgita which is of Indian origin.

These are the words said by steve jobs after visiting India:-The people in Indian countryside don’t use their intellect like we do, they use their intuition and their intuition is more developed than the rest of the world”-Steve Jobs


India is the only country that has been respecting the guests from various parts of the world. Many Dynasties and kingdoms tried to make use of Indian goodness but they never succeeded inturn they gave independence to the country.

Unity in Diversity besides various Cultures and Traditions:-


India has a number of religions and various cultural practices and different kinds of food, lifestyle etc but when the time comes India is only one.

India is the birthplace of many religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkhism, Hinduism, etc.

Science and Mathematics:-


I am proud to say that zero is introduced by Indians and Indians have also contributed for medical sciences,Metallurgical sciences.Binary number is introduced by Pingala an Indian.It is said that Panini who designed grammar for our sanskrit language is the person who is good in logic and computer scientists have been trying to understand the logic behind so that it will be useful to integrate various technologies in the future.

Things  I said  about India is merely  a small piece and I think that Indians are the world’s luckiest people to be have born on it’s land.

Thank you

Mera Bharat Mahaan

Jai Hind